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You Know Better Than Your Mom, Right?

"You know nothing, mom, shut up and leave" Can't you hear the crushing sound of her heart when she is the one who sacrificed her dreams so that you can know everything about this world and achieve yours? But, you know better than your mom, right?

How long are you gonna hurt her? Can't you pierce that sword deeper and make that wound untreatable? Still, her blind love heals everything, and her heart beats for you even if you rip it apart. But, you know better than your mom, right?

"I know how to raise my children. It would be better if you just mind your own business" Well, did you forget that she is the one who raised you? or do you just see her as a maid who does all your household work? But, you know better than your mom, right?

"We need you to be with us cuz we both are working. My children love their grandma" Now, she is here to share her love with you, not to steal a slice of your money. Don't you know showing her the love and respect she deserves would go way far than giving her money? But again, you know better than your mom, right?

"I am at work, why are you disturbing me?" All those meetings, chats, calls aren't gonna get ruined by a minute. You won't ignore it if you know her love is infinite. But, you know better than your mom, right?

How does she know that you are hungry? How does she know when you need what? You never knew whether she ate her breakfast for dinner or slept without drinking water. You don't know how much pain she is in by taking all those medicines. But, you know better than your mom, right?

When you love someone, you will know the value of life. Love seems easy cuz your mom shows it effortlessly. Love should come with respect too, and You probably never love someone as your mom loves you.

When was the last time you got a kiss from your mom? I got one recently for my birthday. Wow, I don't know, nothing ever felt so pure, and I don't wanna miss that for the rest of my life.

All your life, you have been loved profusely by her. Don't you wanna give it back at least once? While you can.

- John Samuvel