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Image by Leo Chane

You rest in equity!

Where shall you begin?

Are your hopes the definition of sin?

Their indifference has broken the last straw,

So you are laying down a new law.

You solemnly swear not to seek perfection.

You quit your infinite mistake detection.

You call on all the means to satisfaction.

Any alternative form as opposed to the current absence of action.

Society must realize given all the provided proofs.

You are whole as you are, even if you serve them no use.

Your priority should be your well being.

You shouldn’t care less, if the non-essentials started fleeing.

You are your number one supporter,

And for once you will not give anyone a quarter.

You do need a kindred spirit once in a while,

Yet you will not tolerate any sort of plastic smile.

Whether you like it or not, life goes on.

So grab on to your baton.

Compose your own harmony.

It shall be crucial weaponry in your armory.

You cannot force the crowd to feel your tune.

They might as well miss their, once in a blue moon.

You won't wait to be chaperoned to your ambitions.

You are the only one capable to complete your missions.

It is time for you to speak up.