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Youth Reaping

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

If I lived those years in reverse.

Would I endorse the inferior to decree my verse?

Grant them my recites.

Extinguish my ignites.

Bidding farewell to my sanity.

The collateral damage of my circle’s vanity.

Every night on repeat.

Where is my judgment seat?

Grateful for this velvet night,

For I am ashamed of my moonlight.

Witnessing what I am about to commit.

Leading a life with a permit.

My speck of glow is far gone.

Grails evaporating with the new dawn.

Taking a risk for the livelihood I seek to bear.

None of them is aware.

“Life choices before fate ties”.

I choose my allies.

I leave my youth to the waste.

Such a bitter taste.

Born in the wrong corner.

Growing up as a foreigner.

These small crimes led to my quiet years.

Awaiting the promised crystal tears.

-Samar Mirghani


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