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Shreyash Sharma is a professional optimist, public speaker, and an insightful writer. He believes “we should not only win but also earn the hearts of others by the dint of our zest for life and passion for excellence.” He believes in the revolutionary power of words which one can employ to transform the world around, and bring about a constructive change in the society to make the best out of the opportunities that emerge when things change.

He is the friend-philosopher and guide for many and his motivational speeches have influenced people unlock their true potential. He speaks of leadership and personal mastery with the ability to electrify the listeners by delivering uncommonly original and useful insights that lead to individuals doing their best, teams providing unprecedented results and becoming unbeatable. Apart writing, he enjoys trying new things, exchanging cultures, experiencing multiculturalism and evolving as a multifaceted youth. Shreyash believes that we must embrace and celebrate our differences for these are what make us unique, special and gifted and move the humanity from evolution to revolution!

At Shreyash's Blog we believe that what makes you a writer is your enhanced expression. Expression is the most significant human capacity, having the ability to shift perspectives, redefine perfection and envision new possibilities. Therefore besides providing our readers exciting blogs, we also open our platform for all who want to express themselves with complete passion and sincerity, and want to inspire not influence. Inspiration that perhaps becomes a movement that demands for action to bring a positive change in the world to make it a better place to live and discover one’s truest potential.

Whatever is your favorite genre of reading, Shreyash's Blog is a realm where you will find articles and poetry on love, life, relationship, motivation, inspiration, lamentation, personal narrative, abstract ideas, social issues, youth-life and many more. Shreyash's Blog not only helps you, when you want to escape the harsh reality of your life for some time, by tickling your soothing imagination; but also tries to take you to an abode of optimism where you gain a new perspective and start your life afresh. We welcome a transgenerational audience with a promise to give each of our readers an affirmative outlook to elevate your life.

“Beauty in these ups and downs is life. Our destiny plays its role as planned, so embrace and celebrate the micro moments in life and wait for the beautiful bigger picture. It’s all about perception; you are a sum of your thoughts and emotions. Life being uncertain, we should not be too harsh on ourselves. Self-love is not selfishness, so keep loving yourself and be grateful for what you have.” -Shreyash Sharma


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Shreyash Sharma

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